Comprehensive testing services to serve women’s wellness

GRI Labs offers a suite of testing services tailored to the needs of Women’s Health practices. With the convenience of a urine sample, GRI can test for over 26 urinary and vaginal tract pathogens, including common STDs, plus up to 80 toxins. An additional 30 vaginal tract pathogens can be detected with a vaginal swab. With a blood test, we can provide a basic or comprehensive metabolic panel.

Our women’s health tests detect all urogenital infections, including bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infections, and vaginitis, which afflict over 1 billion women each year.

GRI’s Approach to Women’s Health Testing

Pathogens detected VTM vs. UTMFrom a single urine sample, GRI is able to provide both a standard test for urinary tract infections (UTIs) plus certain vaginal tract microbiota (VTM) as shown in the yellow and green sections of the diagram at right, including common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), plus toxicology screening and confirmation to ensure patients are complying with their prescribed drug regimens or to detect the presence of illicit substances.

With a vaginal swab, GRI can detect even more vaginal tract pathogens and STDs, including syphilis, as shown in the blue section of the diagram at right.

The GRI Edge: A single non-invasive urine sample for UTIs, common STDs, and toxicology, and a vaginal swab (instead of a blood draw) for syphilis and other STDs.

Wide Range of Tests to Support Women’s Health

GRI Labs is able to offer the following tests to support Women’s Health practices:

  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) – Our PCR-based UTI test detects up to 26 urinary tract microbiota pathogens based on a urine sample, including common STDs.

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) – Our PCR-based Vaginal Tract Microbiota test detects up to 34 pathogens based on a vaginal swab, including a comprehensive set of STDs.

  • Toxicology– Our drug-safety tests screen for 16 common illicit drugs and provides confirmation of up to 80 additional drugs and toxins based on a urine sample, or up to 30 drugs and toxins with a saliva sample.

  • Blood Testing Services – We provide both basic and comprehensive metabolic panels, complete blood counts and lipid and thyroid panels.

In addition, we also offer Respiratory Pathogen Panels (RPP) and Covid-19 Diagnostic and Antibody testing.

Modern, Easy-to-Digest Reports

GRI doesn’t just provide accurate testing, but we present our results in an easy-to-read, patient-friendly format. Far removed from the cryptic reports of the past, our color-coded reports can help you to have a more productive discussion with your patients about their health.

Sample Reports

Download a sample Women’s Health Report.