Cost Effective Medical Laboratory Services

Quality medical laboratory services that reduce costs & improve outcomes

Mitigating the rising costs of medical testing and treatment—without compromising patient care—is one of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry. It’s important to realize that cost savings is about more than the price of the test. Partnering with the right provider of medical laboratory services can reduce the cost of testing and treatment for both payors and patients, while also improving outcomes.

Faster test results

GRI’s efficient process delivers most test results within 24 to 48 hours. With quicker turnaround times, practitioners can diagnose and implement a treatment plan sooner, leading to improved outcomes and lower treatment costs.

Unsurpassed accuracy

In compliance surveys, GRI consistently earns proficiency ratings on par with the top diagnostic labs in the country. Our reliable results eliminate the need for repeat tests and help practitioners choose the most effective treatment.

More precise testing

GRI’s accurate and reliable testing reduces the cost of care by providing the information practitioners need to uncover the correct diagnosis as efficiently as possible. Making the right diagnosis quickly eliminates wasted expense treating the wrong condition.

Personalized support

Practitioners can consult with GRI’s highly skilled and helpful staff for quick answers to questions, and receive reports and data delivered the way they need to see them. Our personalized support contributes to efficient and effective care at a lower cost.

Appropriate testing

GRI is mindful of the problem of overtesting, which can contribute to higher medical expenses. We have programs and procedures in place to ensure that medical testing is appropriate and medically necessary.
GRI Diagnostic testing capabilities and specialties

Diagnostic testing capabilities and specialties

GRI Labs is based in Las Vegas and serves California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas and other states. We provide medical practices, clinics, skilled nursing and assisted living facilities, women’s health practitioners, and companies with a broad and growing list of PCR and other diagnostic tests, including:

  • General health and wellness testing
  • Senior health and wellness testing
  • Infection control testing (GI, respiratory, urinary, STD, and wound*)
  • Women’s health testing
  • Pain management testing
  • Behavioral health testing

*Coming Soon

Certifications & accreditations

GRI’s certifications and accreditations for medical laboratory services provide proof of our professionalism and dedication to upholding the highest standards in the industry.

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
California State of Health & Human Services
Nevada State of Health & Human Services
California Covid Task Force

Commitment to customer satisfaction

GRI is big enough to support our testing needs but small enough to offer a personalized touch.
— Physician practice in Bakersfield, CA

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