Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Services: Fast & Accurate

Why healthcare providers trust GRI’s clinical laboratory services

Healthcare providers rely heavily on clinical laboratory services to accurately diagnose their patients’ conditions and develop effective treatment plans. Having a testing partner you can count on not only improves patient outcomes, but also makes you more efficient and effective. 

Here’s why healthcare providers across the Southwest trust GRI Labs.

Accurate results

You can depend on GRI’s diagnostic laboratory services to provide accurate results for every test. In compliance surveys, GRI consistently earns proficiency ratings on par with the top diagnostic labs in the country. Here’s how we consistently deliver high quality, reliable results:

  • OUR TECHNOLOGY. GRI Labs offers innovative testing technology including real-time PCR testing. Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology enables rapid detection that is both faster and more reliable than traditional viral and bacterial pathogen tests. 
  • OUR PROCESS. GRI follows a precise and efficient testing process, based on industry best practices, that’s designed for accuracy, maximum throughput, and scalability. It also provides flexibility so we can deliver test results the way you want to see them.
  • OUR PEOPLE. Our skilled, experienced, and highly trained team (including scientists, laboratory technologists, management, and administrative staff) are all experts in their respective fields. They are also reliable and friendly problem-solvers who are ready to assist you and your patients.
Personalized service

Healthcare providers choose GRI Labs for our speed and accuracy, and they stay with us because of our process and our people. We offer a level of customer service that the larger labs find difficult to match. 

We cater to your needs by:

  • onboarding efficiently
  • customizing solutions when needed
  • and by being a helpful resource when concerns arise

Practitioners can speak with our scientists, including PhDs, to get questions answered quickly and explore the nuances of test results.

GRI also works with each provider to set up a customized process for delivery and transport of samples.

Fast turnaround time

GRI Labs delivers most test results in 24 to 48 hours. With results in your hands quickly, you can diagnose and start treatment faster, leading to improved outcomes for your patients.

Patient-friendly reports

GRI presents our test results in a color-coded and easy-to-read format. A vast improvement on the cryptic reports of the past, our reports make it easier to have a productive discussion with your patients about their health.

GRI is big enough to support our testing needs but small enough to offer a personalized touch.
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Diagnostic laboratory services we provide


General Health and Wellness

Regular blood and urine testing is one of the most important ways to keep track of overall physical well-being. Many doctors will recommend blood and urine testing at least once a year. More frequent testing is warranted for patients experiencing unusual, persistent symptoms — anything from fatigue to pain to abnormal weight gain or weight loss. GRI Labs offers an extensive set of serology tests and blood panels (CMP, CBC, BM, and more) that serve the needs of general practitioners and clinics.

Learn more about General Health and Wellness testing

Senior Health and Wellness

Senior health and wellness facilities face their own unique challenges. GRI understands the timely and precise care required for this generational group and offers customized solutions to fit your needs, including blood chemistry testing, urinalysis, and infection control testing (i.e., gastrointestinal, urinary tract microbiota, wound care*, Covid-19, RSV, flu and other respiratory tract microbiota).

*Coming Soon

Learn more about Senior Health and Wellness testing

Wound Care (Coming Soon)

Helping patients to progress through the stages of healing requires both expertise and information. GRI’s comprehensive panel of highly accurate PCR-based wound care tests can help you identify pathogens, evaluate treatment options, and monitor your patient’s condition.

Women’s Health

GRI offers a comprehensive suite of diagnostic laboratory services tailored to the needs of clinicians caring for women. Our approach includes both urine and swab tests that cover all urogenital infections, including UTI, VTM, STD and more.

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Pain Management

Diagnosing and managing chronic pain is a growing need and a complex challenge. GRI understands the difficult intersection healthcare providers face to effectively treat pain and improve quality of life while also reducing risk. We offer the toxicology and PGx testing that’s needed to support that effort.

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Behavioral Health

Providers of behavioral health services often need to consider many issues before prescribing medications for mental health. GRI’s toxicology and PGx testing can help you determine whether a medication may be an effective treatment, regulate dosages, and uncover if there could be serious side effects from a medication.

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GRI Labs Testing

GRI Labs is proud to offer a large and growing menu of tests across a wide variety of categories.

Certifications & accreditations

GRI’s certifications and accreditations for clinical laboratory services provide proof of our professionalism and dedication to upholding the highest standards in the industry.

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
California State of Health & Human Services
Nevada State of Health & Human Services
California Covid Task Force


GRI Labs is based in Las Vegas and serves Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Texas and other states. We offer free pickup throughout the greater Las Vegas area, and can arrange courier services from other parts of the country.